How to Stay Productive When WFH

Getting Shiz Done – how do you stay productive when working from home? Luckily for you, I’ve picked up a few things – having an online business from home can do that for ya. There are tons of distractions all around us everyday than can keep us from getting things done – kids, siblings, cell phones, and so many more! Here are my tips for how to stay focused and get stuff done.

1 . Get Dressed in Real Clothes

I know that since being home, most people gravitate to staying in their pyjamas and comfy clothes all day. Now I am by no means against comfy clothes – I’m always down to throw on my fav pair of Roots track pants and an oversized hoodie. Though whenever I am wearing those, my mood shifts towards the lazy “I just wanna lay around and watch movies all day”. So what I have started doing is getting dressed as if I was to go about my normal out-of-the-house daily activities. (Yes, sometimes I even wear jeans at home. Such a crazy concept right? – Trust me, it works. I mean who wants to lounge around in jeans?) Another quick tip – keep your morning routine the same as usual. Get up at your normal time and do what you normally would – it helps keep structure!

2. Make a Schedule

Now this one goes for everyone, whether you usually work from home or not. Make a schedule and plan out your day! It gives you more structure, and when you have something to follow, it makes it simpler to get things done. I use an hour-by-hour tracker so I can schedule in all my priorities to make sure I do them all. (Posted at the bottom of post for anyone who wants to give it a try).

3. Set Work Times / Rest Times

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean that you have to work all day! Set boundaries for when you’re going to work, and when it’s time to shut down. Personally I struggle with this one the most because I normally work from home and absolutely love what I do, so it’s hard to tell myself that I need to be done for the night. But it’s also really important, because overworking yourself leads to burnout, which is not good.

I hope these tips are helpful for all my WFH friends!! Try all 3, and watch your productivity level get better!


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