How to Manifest your Goals this Year

I’ve always been big on goal setting and I like to set goals and intentions for the year that I want to work towards. There are two things that I do that help me visualize and manifest my goals: choosing a word of the year and creating a vision board.

Picking a Word of the Year

Every year, I choose a “word of the year”. Essentially the purpose of this is to have a word that grounds and guides you for the year. A word to go back to when things get tough, and a word to celebrate when things are going well.

Last year, my word was BELIEVE & I had a feeling when I picked that word that it was the right one. 2020 was a year of growth and as I look back, I can tell that my belief in myself & my belief in my vision has grown so much.

This year, I’ve chosen the word LEAD.

I want to be better at leading myself. I want to be a better leader for others. I want to be a better leader in my business. A lot of my goals this year revolve around leadership, and I believe that this is the perfect word to keep me on the right track.

Do you choose a word for the year? If you do, I would love to know what it is! Let me know here, I would love to know what you want to accomplish this year so I can cheer you on!

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is one of my FAVOURITE things to do – I’m very creative and so I always find this so fun. You can make this on paper and use magazines or digitally – whichever you prefer. The purpose of this is to create a collage / board full of things that you want and desire. They could be goals for this year, intentions, pictures of things you want in a few years – anything you want! I suggest thinking and dreaming big – because whatever you think, you can create. Here are some simple steps to help guide you:

How to Create a Vision Board

  • Sit down and write out a list all of the things you desire – goals, intentions, physical things, feelings, etc.
  • Find pictures and visuals that represent those things – you can use Pinterest, magazines, photos etc.
  • Create your VISION BOARD
  • Digitally: use Canva to put all your photos together
  • Paper: use magazine cutouts and tape to put all your photos together

When you’re done, you want to put your vision board somewhere where you’ll see it often – if you did it on paper, you could hang it up somewhere where you are all the time. If you did it digitally, make it your desktop screensaver & phone lock screen. Seeing it often will keep you close to your goals and will motivate you to take the action required to reach them!

I’ve been doing those two things for a couple years now and they are both so powerful. Try them out this year, and see what happens. Happy creating – it’s time to create your dreams and go make them happen!!

All for now, and chat soon!!


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