About Me

Connect ~ Create ~ Inspire

Hey you, I’m so glad you’re here!! My name is Renelle, and I am so excited to connect with you!!

I am currently a student at McMaster University, where I am studying social psychology and French. I am also a varsity cross country and track runner, and love all things health and wellness.

About a year ago, I started an online business which I absolutely love! I have always been an entrepreneur, and so when I found out I could work for myself while working from my phone, I was hooked! I mean what millennial wouldn’t want to do that? Speaking of millennials, now I get to lead and teach other young entrepreneurs to do the same thing!

I’ve always felt the need to pursue something big, to reach my full potential, and to create an impact. I also love to show people that they are capable of achieving anything they dream of, and that it’s possible to live their life by design.